Monday, January 18, 2010

Taking down the Porch

We have removed the front porch from the church and used the materials to build two nice shed add-ons.  The porch was on the south side of the church and was about 9 feet deep by 22 feet wide.  Unfortunately, it totally blocked the sun from falling on the side of the church during the winter.  We plan to add windows on the south wall and take advantage of the free heat from the sun.  In the summer, the trees will be leafed out and will block the sun.

We added a wood shed on the side of our existing shed and another storage shed behind.  They turned out really nice.  The roofs are made from the old porch roofing and the siding is made from some other recycled metal and the old tongue and groove flooring from the church.  All of the materials were recycled and the posts are cedar logs that were already down in our woods.

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