Monday, May 28, 2012

The Solar Panels Are Up!

The panel mounting frame consists of 10 3" galvanized steel posts, 5 on the south side and five on the north side.  They are 3 feet in the ground with cement.  The angle of the panels is 36 degrees (our latitude).  The posts on the north side are much taller because we are building on a north facing slope.  On top of the posts are two horizontal runs of 3" galvanized pipe, held in place with Ironridge top caps.  On top of the horizontal pipes are 14 Ironridge rails, specially designed to hold clamps to easily mount the solar panels.  Below, Kenny Brown is marking the bottom of the rails so the panels will not get out of square as we mount them.

Here is a closeup of one of the posts showing the top cap and the horizontal pipe.

This is a closeup of how the rails mount to the horizontal pipe.

Here, Kenny and I are constructing the mounting system that will hold the inverter, the AC disconnect and meter base for the utility company.

Voila!!  All 28 of the panels are up.  Nothing is connected yet, and we still have to dig the trench to carry the #6 wires from our meter to the power pole.  Stay tuned .  . .

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