Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update August 2011

The weather has still been very hot and dry.  We are spending a lot of our time watering our new trees.  It is hard to get used to dry summers and wet winters after the opposite pattern in Florida.  We have had no rain for 3 weeks straight this month.  Our spring quit running about a month ago, so we are getting water from the creek head.  We have ordered a rotary vane pump (24 Volt) and solar panel to pump water from the creek to our holding tank up behind the house.  The nights are getting a bit cooler though.  Looking forward to Fall!!

Progress has been a bit slower with the hot weather, but Randy has finished painting the outside of the house.  The outside of the house is officially done!  The tile floor is finished in the bathroom and looks nice.  Randy has been painting the inside walls of the house and is about 1/3 done.  We have almost finished the siding on the shed and still have to install one door.  The reclaimed wood on the shed give it a nice rustic look!  Below are some pictures of our progress this month.

The wall color in the bathroom has a hint of pink.  Most of the walls will be bone white.  There will be some large areas of a sage green like in the kitchen and a few walls will be red.  Actually, the paint below turned out too orange, so we are changing the color to more of a pure red.  Randy is a terrific painter!

Also, the walnut butcher-block counter top was installed in the kitchen and the sink is out for re-finishing.  The first picture below shows the sink in place before we sent it out.  The counter-top has not been oiled yet in this picture and the walls have not been painted.

This shows the oiled counter-top and the painted wall behind.

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