Friday, May 6, 2011

First anniversary of the big flood

On May 2 one year ago our plans were changed dramatically by a 500 year flood that washed across our property.  By early June we were planning our new house and beginning excavation work.  Now, on this first anniversary, this is where we are.

The outside of the house is finished except for painting.  The trim is local red cedar and the paint will be a steel blue and a sage green, to blend in with the forest.  Inside, we focused on the kitchen first as we had already hired a neighbor, Don Wagner, to build the cabinets.  We put in the insulation and Randy hung and finished the drywall and put on the primer.

Next, we tiled and grouted the kitchen floor and Don installed the cabinets.  They are hickory with a slightly darker than natural stain.  The two cabinets by the oven are a sage green wash.  Everything came out really nice.

Above, the sink will be centered below the large window and below, the fridge goes in the open spot.

Now, we start insulating and putting up drywall in the rest of the house and Don will start building the bathroom cabinets!

Outside, our forest garden plants are thriving.  Here are pictures of one of the hardy kiwi vines and one of the bush cherries.  Everything looks beautiful in the spring!

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