Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update March 2011

Its been a cold winter, but we are starting to see signs of spring.  We had a white Christmas.  This is Randy washing dishes the day after Christmas.  Are we having fun yet??

During the last three months, we have finished our electrical and plumbing rough-in.  A friend who lives about 6 miles from us, Kevin Schmidt, has been doing most of the wiring and plumbing.  Here is Kevin, hard at work and some of his electrical handiwork.

Also, we installed our nice new tub/shower a couple of weeks ago, seen below looking through the wall separating the kitchen from the bathroom.

In February, Randy installed the Provent roof baffles that allow air to flow from the eaves to the roof ridge.  They prevent the roof insulation from blocking the air path.

During January, Kevin installed screen on the north porch and trimmed out around the windows with eastern red cedar from a local sawmill.  It looks so nice, we are using cedar for all of our outside trimwork.

On the exterior of the house, we hired Tim Lawson, a builder from Hohenwald to build a deck and balcony on the east side of the house.  It came out so nice that we asked him to build one on the west side as well!  The deck is supported by cedar posts cut from our property.  The second picture shows the stairs.  Tim and his helper Darrell are a joy to work with.

The balcony above the deck will be waterproof so that the deck below will be out of the rain.  Here is Randy on the balcony after the first coat of Sealoflex deck compound has been applied.

Of course, the blog entry would not be complete without a picture of the cutest member of the family.  Rodney lives outside now.  His cage was removed from the house about a month ago because he prefers to live outside with his buddies.  However he visits every day for a snack.

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